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The latest health buzz has a name and that’s Ofelimon Meals! Our chefs make it fresh to your dietary needs & deliver it straight to your door. Order – Receive – Just Heat – Enjoy!

How it works

We pay close attention to every single question of our clients.

Ofelimon is better than a restaurant! It costs a fraction of your typical restaurant menu price, the ingredients are fresh & prepped to your dietary needs. We ensure utmost quality, a versatile menu & ideal portions for all of our clients.
Yes you can choose your own meals! However, what most people do is disclose their dietary needs and then entrust us with the menu. We serve recipes from all over the globe, so there’ll be something new and adventurous in your box every week!
Ofelimon delivers fresh 3 times per week (Monday – Wednesday – Friday). Please message us with your address and we’ll let you know what time we deliver in your area.
No problem! We can drop the food at your door or at any disclosed storage area!

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